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The Nurse and Stress Management

Research shows that nurses are called upon to handle a high level of stress. The nurse and stress management is a topic that is discussed frequently, yet nurses still have stress, and still must learn to manage it.

Reasons for Nurse Stress

Nurses must live and work in a setting that is filled with stressors. Each one of these stressors threatens the nurse’s sense of control. When control is threatened, or even lost, the nurse and stress management must become constant companions. Consider some of the stressors a nurse faces.

Effects of Chronic Stress on Nurses

A strong reason for coupling nurse and stress management is the widespread effects of chronic stress. Chronic stress in nurses can lead to fatigue, inattention, absenteeism, poor performance, and decreased productivity. These can prove detrimental to the patients in their care. Teaching the nurse stress management, however, will help him or her respond appropriately to the stressors that surround them, and result in better health for nurse and patient.

Wedding the Nurse and Stress Management

Bringing the nurse and stress management together may take time, but the effort yields better productivity and health.

Here are several things a nurse can do for stress management.

Nurses experience more stressors than those in most other professions, but if the nurse learns stress management, she or he can develop the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical resilience to remain strong.

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