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Stress Reduction for Middle School Teachers

Middle school teachers may have one of the most unenviable teaching positions available. Everyday, unusual demands are made on middle school teachers, simply by virtue of the students’ “coming of age” challenges.

Those unusual demands are stressors. A teacher’s response to them is stress.

Stress reduction for middle school teachers is vital if they are to continue teaching. They must learn how to handle stressors appropriately. They must learn to respond positively.

Improper Stress Reduction for Middle School Teachers

Stress reduction for middle school teachers is often thought to be merely a matter of giving the teacher a 15-minute or half hour break. During that break, the teacher may do as he or she wishes.

What do most teachers do?

None of these can be viewed as stress reduction. All five are stressors in their own right. All five respond to stressors by making additional unusual demands on the body, mind, or emotions.

Proper Stress Reduction for Middle School Teachers

Stress reduction for middle school teachers really should focus on helping the teacher identify stressors proactively – before they attack. Stress reduction must help them respond positively, viewing the stressors as challenges to be enjoyed and conquered.

Try These Stress Reduction Tips:

Stress Reduction Tip #1: Take a brisk walk, breathing deeply. As you walk, think about any stressors that have arisen, or potential stressors, and prepare yourself to treat them as a welcome challenge.

Stress Reduction Tip #2: Lie down in a quiet, dimly lit room, and listen to soft, cheerful music. As you listen, silently identify stressors, and smilingly determine to conquer them with eagerness.

Stress Reduction Tip #3: Sit in a sunny room, listening to Mozart’s lively music. As you listen, jot down the stressors that are currently trying to make unusual demands on your body, mind, emotions, or spirit. Note a positive response for each.

Stress Reduction Tip #4: Go outdoors if weather permits. Take along a small bottle of lavender oil. Sit in a comfortable spot and massage a few drops of the oil into your skin at the temples. Consciously relax and think about how you will respond to stressors.

Above all, stress reduction for middle school teachers will be most effective when it turns their thoughts to things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report. Things such as those repel stress.