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Stress Management Course for Organizations

Work stress management is a topic of increasing interest to company leaders. The unusual demands being placed on employees are greater as companies struggle to increase profits. Added to those are the unusual demands employees face when not at work.

The result in unmanaged stress costs companies millions of lost work-hours each year, and severely impacts the bottom line. Employees who do not know how to respond to stressor are less profitable on the job, too.

Stress Management Course Goals

Stress management course goals must seek to reduce the number and size of stressors in the workplace as well as teach employees how to respond appropriately to those stressors. A good stress management course must not rely purely on theory. Nor can it afford to role play and consider the job done.

Good stress management courses have three goals:

In other words, good stress management courses name the problem, show the way to solve it, and then help employees act.

In-House Stress Management Course Advantages

In-house stress management courses can be more beneficial because they address specific workplace stressors and responses. In-house stress management courses can make provision for changing demands to reduce stressors. They can have ongoing input to help employees grow gradually in their ability to respond appropriately to stressors.

Check Your Stress Management Course

Your stress management course should offer certain things. It should help you identify stressors in your own area of the company – unusual demands to which you respond in one way or another.

A good stress management course should give you frequent access to a leader who can do something about such stressors. It should help you prevent stressors (unusual demands) from happening in the first place.

A good stress management course should help you learn techniques for responding better to the unusual demands made on you. It should help you look them in the face and determine to conquer them.

A good stress management course should reward progress. We all respond well to rewards. If no one else rewards you, give yourself a small reward each time you realize you have responded properly to potential stress.