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Managing Work Stress by Organizing Time

Do you know what stress really is? Do you realize that stress is your response to unusual demands made on you?

You can change that response. You can often change it by managing your time. Stress and time management usually do not co-exist for long.

Stress and Time Management

Many employers, seeking to help employees manage workplace stress, contract with professionals to teach a course in stress and time management. They know the two are related, and hope the expert can convey this to employees. They hope the expert knows and can share some stress and time management principles. If they do, those principles might be these.

  1. The first stress and time management principle is that you should have a mission or vision – in life or at the place of employment. What do you hope to accomplish? Can you put it in words? If you are simply marking time, you are more vulnerable to stress. Write out your mission.
  2. A second principle of stress and time management is that you should have values. What do you value most? Your family? Your work? Your income? Values help you respond appropriately to demands and reduce stress.
  3. The third stress and time management principle is that goals are vital. You have a mission, and you know what you value. Now you need goals to help you protect those values and fulfill your mission.
  4. The next principle of stress and time management is that every day’s activities should be listed each day. When you have it all in front of you, it’s easier to organize your time. Each morning, you will need to write down everything you know must be done that day.
  5. Once your tasks are listed, you should allot a certain amount of time for each. An old maxim says that work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion. The fifth stress and time management principle is that those who don’t assign a block of time to a task may take far longer completing tasks. They will encounter more stressors because of it.
  6. The final stress and time management principle is that you should prioritize your tasks. Number everything on the list so that you know which ones absolutely must be done, and which must be done first, second, third, etc.

If you organize your time according to these stress and time management principles, you will always know what you have to do. You will know what must be done and what can wait. You will move smoothly from one activity to the next, and find that you can fit in extra demands more readily.