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It’s Hard to Relax When Always at Work

Thanks to all of us in Generation X, the modern business professional is anything but standardized. These days employees are able to tailor their work schedule to fit their life, instead of the other way around. Can you imagine a worker quitting his job on the Ford factory line in 1950 because managers did not respect his personal time? He would have been committed.

Now professionals are able to create flexible work schedules that allow them to be both an executive and father, blogger or cyclist. Some of the most successful people I know have never worked an 8-5 day. Anne leads an international nonprofit organization in the morning, becomes a stay-at-home mom in the afternoon then returns to her executive duties after the kids are in bed from her home office. This is the amazing business world that we have created.

But how do we pay for it?

Increased flexibility is paired with heightened stress. The technology that allows us to work from home also requires us to work from home. Smartphones, tablets and mobile broadband keep us connected at all hours. In a sense, we never leave the office.

Companies are beginning to understand that flexible work schedules are as beneficial for the employer as they are for the employee. IT departments are creating ways for employees to connect their personal computer and smartphone to the office network because it will keep them online when they leave. That’s good for business.