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Tips for Stress Management

In previous blogs, we discussed the fact that stress is not the extra demands made on you, but your response to those demands. We also discussed the differences between beneficial “eu-stress” and detrimental “dis-tress”. Both are stress, but they have different effects on our bodies.

In this article, we give 7 stress management tips – brief ideas that will help you manage stress in your life.

1. Stress Management Tip #1 – Tough Self-love

You probably practice self-love to some degree, whether you want to or not. Your first stress management tip is to make that self-love tough. Consciously remind yourself that stress is a response you make. You can control your response to many, if not most, demands made on you. Yes, it seems easier to give in and feel sorry for yourself when life throws you a curve, but it is more difficult in the long run.

2. Stress Management Tip #2 – Plan

Avoid stress, or meet it head-on by taking command of those areas of life that you can plan. Stress is often caused by forgetting an appointment or responsibility until the last minute. Buy, and use, a day planner or computer planning software. Take control of your work and commitments by scheduling them. Prioritize them, too, so that if something must be left undone it will not one of the more important items.

3. Stress Management Tip #3 – Realism

This stress management tip deals with the proverbial problem of biting off more than you can chew. In the workplace, many accept work from other people. They may want to be perceived as a “team player” or the “good kid” on the block. The problem is that they are unrealistic about the amount of work they can achieve in a given time frame. Be realistic, and don’t accept more than you can do.

4. Stress Management Tip #4 – Visualization

Your response to demands can often be turned positive by visualizing yourself tackling and conquering the situation with an attitude of positive determination. Visualize the situation resolved to the satisfaction of everyone involved. Focus on that successful visualization.

5. Stress Management Tip #5 – Sing-a-long

The principle of whistling while you work is a proven stress management tip. When you have a heavy load of work, listen to relaxing music while working. If the work is such that you can do so, sing-a-long, hum, or whistle while you are working. It will help you feel more positive.

6. Stress Management Tip #6 – Exercise

Physical exercise is a way of relieving the adrenaline that floods the body when you allow stress to bring out the fight-or-flight response. Exercises will send much-needed oxygen to your muscles, making them more effective in flushing the adrenaline from your system.

7. Stress Management Tip #7 – Deep Breathing

Our final stress management tip for this blog entry is to fill your body with relaxing breaths of oxygen. Deep, calm breathing will help release tension in your muscles. It will also send additional oxygen to the brain so that you can give a reasoned response to the situation rather than an impulse response.