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Stress Management Suggestions

If you have read many of the articles on this blog, you will understand that stress is not the demands made on you, but your response to those demands. You will know that there is beneficial eustress and detrimental distress.

In this article, we give five stress management suggestions – ideas for practical stress management.

1. Stress Management Suggestion #1 – Moderation

Earn a reputation for moderation. Never go overboard on things. This is a big step toward stress management. Many people who have too many demands made on them need only look in the mirror to see whose fault it is. Don’t fill your schedule too full. Don’t plan too much work – or too much leisure. Keep meal preparation moderate. Keep your social life moderate.

2. Stress Management Suggestion #2 – Commitment

Make commitments. Don’t live a life that is always in a state of change. A person who is committed to marriage, for example, reduces the stressors of marriage. Commitment eases the number of decisions that must be made daily. Great strides can be made in stress management by making up your mind to commit to certain things.

3. Stress Management Suggestion #3 – Ranking

Give an importance ranking to responsibilities and activities. If something of lower ranking demands attention, you can enjoy stress management in the knowledge that it is not entirely necessary. Too often, it is the lower ranking matters of life that cause stress. If you know where they rank in importance to you, you will be more relaxes about them.

4. Stress Management Suggestion #4 – Prediction

Those who proactively plan life are often able to predict heavier than normal demands and be ready for them. A student who plans assignments, for example, can predict when more time will be required in a given subject. It may be that a paper will come due, or an exam may be on the schedule. The proactive planning allows the student to be in control rather than undergo stress. Taking action to plan life makes stress management easier.

5. Stress Management Suggestion #5 – Nutrition

A healthy body is much better equipped for stress management. Eat a healthy, energizing, nutritious diet to support the activity level demanded by your schedule. A body that is not low on fuel will stand stronger in the face of stressors.

Stress management can be difficult. There is no question about that, but following the suggestions given here will jump start your efforts.