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Stress Management at the Root

As we have written repeatedly on this blog, stress is often misunderstood. Many people think stress is the unusual demands made on you. They believe stress management is management of unusual demands.

Missing Link

The missing link in each of these beliefs about stress management is a proper definition of stress. Stress is never the out of the ordinary demands that you yourself make on you. Nor is stress the demands that someone else makes on you. Stress is not the unusually large pile of dishes or extra huge baskets full of dirty laundry. It is not the screaming of children who today, for some odd reason, refuse to play nicely together. Stress is not the “in box” filled with a huge, time-sensitive project. The definition of student stress is not every teacher assigning a paper, all of which come due on the same date.

Defining Stress

Stress is our response to unusual demands. The response may be positive, producing beneficial “eustress” or good stress. The response may be negative, creating debilitating “distress” or bad stress.

Successful Stress Management

To be successful, therefore, stress management must go to the root of the problem. That root is your attitude toward life in general. It is your belief about life.

Those with the second understanding of life are far more likely to achieve successful stress management. By going to the root of the problem – their view of the world and their place in it, they are able to respond appropriately.

The key to successful stress management, therefore, is a proper understanding of God and our relationship to Him.