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How to Begin to Manage Stress – Stress 101

Many people struggle through every day, trying to manage the stress that all but overwhelms them. They know what stress is. They know what it does to their lives, but they don’t know how to begin to manage stress. They need stress management techniques, and obviously, a few stress balls to squeeze. Managing stress is essential because if not managed properly, it can lead to a flurry of different health complications.

Some say that stress is the leading cause of death among humans today. People die because of heart disease, but the heart disease is occasioned or increased by stress. Stress causes or exacerbates other diseases also.

We need to know how to begin to manage work stress – and to continue from there. Let’s consider ourselves beginners in a tertiary course named Stress 101. As beginners, let’s look at five stress management techniques.

Stress Management Technique #1

Identify. You can never manage something if you do not know clearly what it is. Describe your stress. What makes you feel stressed? When does the feeling most often occur? Who else is involved when you feel stress? Where are you when you feel stress: home, work, with children, etc.? Write out your description to complete your first stress management technique.

Stress Management Technique #2

Accept. Make a commitment to accept things in your life that you cannot change. List these things on paper. Determine to accept the things you can control. Write them down to complete your second stress management technique.

Stress Management Technique #3

Air. Provide a plan for airing grievances without anger. If your family, school, or job situation has no healthy way to air grievances, you will bottle them inside where they produce stress. Stress can best be controlled when it and its causes can be discussed with those in charge. This stress management technique will get others involved.

Stress Management Technique #4

Feedback. On the job, an employer should provide a feedback system. Employees must know in a regular, non-confrontational manner what needs improvement. They must also receive feedback on their exercise of character and the resulting excellence in working. When employees do not know what the boss thinks of their work, the imagination can take over, producing stress. This stress management technique will improve efficiency at work. A variation can be used in the family as well.

Stress Management Technique #5

Balance. We all need balance in our lives. “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy,” the saying goes. An important stress management technique is to chart out your day. Draw a graph, or at least write down the hours spent in each activity. For example, your job requires 8 hours, on average. If you commute, you can include that time in the block of time representing employment. Another block of time can be 8 hours for sleep. You have 8 hours left. This stress management technique calls for you to segment that remaining time into your current activities. Now look at the balance. People who focus solely on one area of life will gradually develop a strong aversion to that area, and suffer stress as a result.

Stress management techniques can help you conquer stress in your life. The five techniques above show you How to Begin to Manage Stress.