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Different Stress Management Techniques for Different Stressors

Stress management is a much-discussed topic in our fast-moving society. We find stress management committees in the workplace. Workers are scheduled into stress management classes.

Different stress management techniques may be needed for different situations, however. Different stressors cause different responses in us. Different stress management techniques may also be needed because people respond differently.

Different stress management techniques for different stressors may be divided into three categories:

  1. Action-oriented stress management techniques
  2. Emotion-oriented stress management techniques
  3. Acceptance-oriented stress management techniques

These different stress management techniques will call for different responses from the person dealing with stress.

Action-oriented Stress Management Techniques

The first of the three different stress management techniques uses action. When a stressor or stressors brings unusual demands to bear, you take action. If the stressor is a huge pile of papers that must be handled before you leave work for the day, action is to divide the pile into smaller piles, sorting them according to the type of activity they require. For example, an in-box full of work for a secretary might include bills to be paid; correspondence with clients; and notes from a committee meeting. If the papers are quickly organized into separate piles, that action will put a positive spin on the work. It will become a challenge that can be handled.

Emotion-oriented Stress Management Techniques

The second of the three different stress management techniques uses our emotions to conquer stress. An anxious, negative attitude drains you emotionally, and makes it difficult to deal with stressors. A happy, positive attitude, however, releases endorphins that overcome stress. That is why an ancient proverb states that: “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” (The Holy Bible, Proverbs 17:22) A smile, at least on the inside, will go far toward managing stress.

Acceptance-oriented Stress Management Techniques

This final one of the three different stress management techniques may sound like a “wimpish” way to manage stress, but it is not. Many times, stress arises because we resent the demand, and respond with the “fight-or-flight” syndrome. If a demand is made by someone who has the right to make it, acceptance is a good management technique. Joyful compliance with the wishes of your boss will keep stress at bay.