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Comprehensive Stress Management – a Big Task

Jerrod S. Greenberg, Professor in the Department of Public and Community Health at the University of Maryland, opens his book, “Comprehensive Stress Management” with a delightful picture of a spring day. He speaks of what he’d love to have been doing on that beautiful day, and then startles the reader with the sudden manifestation of stress-induced sickness.

“Comprehensive Stress Management” is written in an appealing, easy-to-read style. Aimed at undergraduate tertiary students, it begins by clearly defining stress, and drawing out the difference between stress and stressors – a difference too often left murky.

“Comprehensive Stress Management” continues, often in amusing fashion, to help young readers identify, understand, and combat the stressors that most affect their lives. Greenberg shares the research findings that were new at the book’s writing, discussing physical, psychological, sociological, and spiritual aspects of stress.

Finally, “Comprehensive Stress Management” becomes practical, and presents appropriate coping skills for – well, for comprehensive stress management.

Defining Comprehensive Stress Management

The term, “comprehensive stress management” has gained wide acceptance. It is, in a sense, an endeavor to show that any program so named will offer everything that is needed to manage life’s stress.

Comprehensive stress management will, as one person put it, address every issue that pertains to us physically, mentally, and in our environment.

Everyone Is Involved

While comprehensive stress management is an individual challenge, it is also a family challenge and corporate challenge. In trying to address every issue that pertains to each one of us, we must address issues in the family. We must address stress issues at work. We must address stress as it affects our environment.

Comprehensive stress management seeks to establish balance in the individual life. Work is necessary, but when work takes more than its share of time and effort, it upsets life’s balance. Similarly,individual challenge, it is also a family challenge and corporate challenge are necessary, but when they infringe on work time, life becomes unbalanced. Such lack of balance makes us more susceptible to stress.

In order to re-establish and maintain a good balance, it is said, we must institute programs of comprehensive stress management.