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Stress Management Programs Free

It has often been said that you get what you pay for. That is normally true, but the Internet has opened a market of free things. Complimentary information is often given away in order to attract customers who will later purchase at a website.

To get stress management programs free, you need only search on variations of the title of this article.

Stress Management Programs Free

We did such a search, and found the following free stress management programs. The author is not permitted to give you the precise web locations, but by being attentive as you continue reading, and by investing a little effort, you will readily find these 7 stress management programs for free.

  1. A little online book of stress management, with stress management relaxation techniques, methods, and exercises. Its authors have developed and given a number of stress management training courses.
  2. A free stress management lesson that helps you learn how to control stress while online.
  3. A free guide to stress management that will be sent to you by e-mail from a British stress management society.
  4. A free stress management book you can read online, compliments of Linda Land.
  5. Personal stress management programs, including free stress management newsletters.
  6. Free trial of a stress management online “elearning” course.
  7. Free psychology articles offer stress management tips from the psychologist’s viewpoint.

Evaluating Stress Management Programs for Free

The price of a program does not always reveal its true value. Some stress management programs for free are better than those for which you might pay hundreds of even thousands of dollars. Other stress management programs for free are utterly worthless.

Before you rely on the wisdom of a stress management program, be sure it clearly defines the term “stressor” and tells what part it plays in stress management. Scrutinize the program to see if correctly defines stress as a “response” to stressors. Stress is, after all, not the extra load of work or the screaming children. It is your response to those.
Look to see if the program recognizes that stress comes in beneficial (good) and incapacitating (bad) forms. Does that stress management program for free take time to show you that you can actually AVOID stress, and not simply try to manage it? Does it give you any reason to believe that it will help you meet stress head on, proactively, instead of trying to manage it after it has walloped you?

Many of the stress management programs for free that we found rely almost entirely on relaxation or hypnotism. They make no effort to deal honestly with stress.

Choose a stress management program that helps you identify common stressors in your life. Once you have identified stressors, you will be able to control your response to them.