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Stress Management for Women – Part One

You probably know that stressors are inescapable. You may think stress is inescapable, and perhaps it is to a degree. But women need not experience stress as often as many do. A vital key to stress management for women is to understand stress and stressors.

1. Stress

Stress management for women begins by grasping the reality that stress is not what happens to you. Stress is how you respond to what happens to you.

Stress comes in two styles: eustress and distress.

Stress management for women is a matter of looking at the demand, and consciously choosing an appropriate response.

2. Stressors

Stressors, the other factor in stress management for women, are all of those things that make demands on you in some way. They may make emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual demands.

In the second part of this article, we look at practical stress management for women – appropriate responses that can often turn distress into eustress.