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Funny Holiday Stress Reduction Tips Part 2

In the first installment of funny holiday stress reduction tips, we admitted that holidays are stressful. To offset the stress, we offered stress management games.

Today, we turn to tips about funny things you can do personally, by yourself, to reduce holiday stress. We give you funny personal stress management tips.

1. Stress Management for Loneliness

Personal stress management begins with recognizing that many of us feel lonely during a holiday. We may be surrounded by people, but somehow, the holiday brings feelings of loneliness. While it may be easy to feel lonely in a crowd, it’s more difficult if you’re reaching out to others. Try these amusing personal stress management tips.

2. Stress Management for Meal Times

People of many nations celebrate holidays with food. If you love to cook, fine, but even the most enjoyable meal preparation may call for a dose of personal stress management. Keep it fun, and lighten the air.

Whatever the holiday, and whatever the source of your stress, use funny personal stress management to reduce the feelings of anxiety. Above all, force yourself to laugh frequently. Laughter is good medicine, and well able to cure much of your holiday stress.