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Funny Holiday Stress Reduction Tips Part 1

Holidays are great, but holidays are also great stress producers. That’s why we offer a few funny holiday stress reduction tips.

1. Stress Management Games – Offline

A stress management game can boost spirits and reduce holiday stress rapidly. Admittedly, some counselors do not support competition in your efforts to relieve stress. There can be stress of competition in a game, but that is eustress, or good stress. Eustress overcomes bad stress – distress. So competition itself can be beneficial if used in a light manner.

2. Stress Management Games – Online

Online games can be a great way to reduce stress. Steer clear of addictive games, though, which are not stress management games. Draining time from your schedule, addictive games actually create more stress. The following are a few stress management games we like:

Ideally, a stress management game will be light-hearted, with little competition. Such stress management games will call forth eustress, which produces happiness. Eustress will reduce your holiday dis-stress.

Since the thinking behind stress management is to replace negative thoughts with more positive thoughts, the eustress of stress management games will leave you relaxed and peaceful.

If you are among the very competitive, play a stress management game without keeping score.